The Golden Poet Awards ’09

GPAThe Golden Poet Award is a reward given to new writters that publish their work on the Internet. This project was coinceved by Nicholas C. Akkad,  a student of Literature and Art in Southampton (UK) and for Natasha Bertonini, a student of Literature in USP (BR). One of the goals of the Golden Poet team is bring some light to works of new authors. In this first year of the event, some pieces are being invited to join our competition and we are also accepting pieces by submission.

The assessment team it’s composed by five members that it’ll read every work submmitted. After their decision is taken, the result will be published on the GPA website ( with the nominatted winners list.

The winners will receive a reward certificate where it’ll be signed the name of the author and his rewarded work as the category where the work was competing. No money reward will be given and no money will be charged for the pieces submmitted. It’s a free competition, created by writters to writter.

The GP team won’t be responsible for any content of the pieces submmited in the competition.  I’ll only be accepted works written by the author. Plagiarized works will have their submission canceled.

This year, GPA presents the following categories:

  • The Golden Piece*
  • Best Male Writer
  • Best Female Writer
  • Best Poetry
  • Best Song Lyric
  • Best Novel
  • Best Short Story
  • Best Essay
  • Best Article or Scientific Publication
  • Public Acclaim**

* “The Golden Piece” is the ultimate reward given by GPA. in this category will be competing the best works of the year, no matter which kind of style.

** “Public Acclaim” is the category where the winner will be chosen by votes. The GOA team will select the nominatted authors and the public will vote for the winner.

If you are interested in join our competition, send an email to with your submission file added to email. GPA ’09 will be accepting submissions until December 4th,2009. The nominatted list will be posted in GPA site one week later. The winners list will be published in December  28th, 2009.

– GPA Team

~ by goldenpoet on October 26, 2009.

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